Around Aberford :: Rear of Postcard of Ivy Cottage, Aberford from 1904

The header picture shows the rear of the postcard of the cottage adjacent to the former mill at the end of Cattle Lane, opposite the Swan Inn in the centre of Aberford, it is post marked 1904. The transcript allows us to look in more detail at the card.

The wording on the card is as follows: Dear M, I shall be coming over next week, [M being Miss M Bragg, of South Milford] if you can do with me will you send postcard to say which day will best suit you. If it will not be convenient will you kindly let me know. I am sending [a picture of] our house I thought you would like it. Give my love to your Ma & Yourself. M E Lawns

Rear of postcard

The 1901 Census

The postcard date permits the presumption that the sender was at the cottage some three years previously during the census, a quick look confirmed this. Pages 1 & 2 of the Aberford Civil Parish of the 1901 census ref: RG 13/4430, at the foot of page 1, the seventh entry:
Page 1 Mill Cottage:
Edward Lawn, Head, m, 55. Joiner Wheelwright, Farmer, Employer. Born Saxton, Yorks.
Ann Lawn, Wife, m, 50. Born Saxton, Yorks.
William T? Lawn, Son, s, 27. Carp, Joiner, Wheelwright, worker at home. Born Lotherton, Yorks.
Mary E Lawn, Daughter, s, 26. Dressmaker, own account at home. Born Saxton, Yorks.
Henry Lawn, Son, s, 24. Joiner & Farmer, worker at home. Born Aberford, Yorks.
Page 2 Mill Cottage: [entry continues]
Minnie Lawn, Daughter, s, 18. Born Aberford, Yorks.
Mabel Lawn, Daughter, s, 15. Born Aberford, Yorks.
Dorothy Lawn, Daughter, s, 13. Born Saxton, Yorks.
Bryan Lawn, Son, s, 11. Born Saxton, Yorks.
Frank Lawn, Son, s, 9. Born Saxton, Yorks.
Joseph Lawn, Son, s, 5. Born Aberford, Yorks.

Title Written on the Card Face

Face of postcard

The best guess is Mary Lawn, the dressmaker, wrote the card and provided the house name on the front for her friend in South Milford. It seems mighty strange that a series of postcards would pass between the two locations, to organise a simple visit, testimony to how difficult communication was at the time, just a hundred years ago. Today where our lives can be geo-mapped by our use of mobile devices, we seem very different people, not altogether better I'm sure.

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